Our Business Model

The resort at Green Garden layout will be developed by a team of highly experienced professionals who have been part of the Resort Industry for a long time.

The stake holders (ie. Members), after registering their plot, if they decide to construct cottages, then, a contract will be entered into between the cottage owner and the resort.

As per the terms of the contract, the Resort will be fully responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the cottage.

Oh, one other thing before I forget, we are planning to add another 27 cottages only this year. We already have 13 in place at the resort. The plots will be sold on a first come first serve basis. So the first 27 plots sold will be able to start construction work on their cottages immediately.

Of course, investors can still buy plots at present rate and hold onto it, as prices will be definitely going up, and you may not get the present rate and may have to pay more.

The complete details are enclosed herewith and also on our website www.greengardenresort.in.

Ideal Property Location

The real estate in and around this area appreciated from 10% to 30%. Our market studies say that this is only the beginning.

Our efforts fall into three highly integrated and interdependent segments.

  • Vacation Ownership
  • Go-Green Initiative
  • Agro farming

Go-Green and Agro farming are very close to our hearts. All said and done however, modernised our thinking may be at the end of the day we firmly believe in keeping our intrinsic traditional values alive. Even today, our families are into farming. We produce crops like rice, red chillies, tamarind, banana and vegetables etc. The know-how has been with us all along. This knowledge we are planning to use in a bigger way. This is a small effort on our part to give back to nature, and contribute towards maintaining the eco-balance of the environment. This will create job opportunities, and also be another important source of income. The end- products i.e. produce and livestock will be 100% natural. Markets will be set-up, and stakeholders who are part of this venture can sell their product through our markets or make their own arrangements, subject to certain terms & conditions.

Go- Green is an ongoing initiative; however, Agro-Farm will be market ready and viable, between 2017-2019 For Agro-farm there is no major requirements, as land and know-how are the only requirements, both are available with us. However, right now our entire focus is on the Resort, to make it world-class with all the facilities/amenities, to make your stay with us an un-forgettable and memorable one. All this can be made possible, only with your support. We at Green Garden firmly believe that we will get this support from you, we look forward to a long and profitable association.

Last but not th least, we know we will succeed in this venture as we believe very firmly that Success in any business is not by chance or by luck.

Success is a result of excellence in intelligently managing your assets.

This is applicable across all businesses. Look forward to welcoming you as a part of Green Garden Resort family.

Ms Ramyaa R

Phone: +91 9952990508
Email: ramyaachandru@gmail.com

Mr Selvakumar S

Phone: +91 9791979754
Email: kumarsskr3@gmail.com

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