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We are a team of professionals who have come together with each of our areas of expertise and Garden Resort is one of the many ventures we are promoting. We realised that there is so much to see here, so many iconic locations, none of them have the FACILITIES to meet the need of the tourists who would like to visit. So to take care of the end to end needs of tourists and to make your stay a memorable one, we have come up with Green Garden Resort.

When you come here you will have a much needed respite from the city life. You will be free of all the noise and environmental pollution, which unfortunately is a backlash of city life.

For the duration you are with us, you will have a chance to once again commune with nature. You can once again enjoy the chirping of the birds, the gurgling of water as it rushes down the mountains or flows into the stream, the wind rushing through the trees, the breath-taking scenery to mention a few.

In fact, in this natural environment you will find that SILENCE ITSELF has a sound of its own, if only you could take some time out to stop and listen.

Leisure rides for families escorted by our very trustworthy guides. Who in addition to showing you around , will also introduce you to genuine locals, so that you can get authentic local products, if you are so inclined.